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their own cities and their routine lives, with few outside their group knowing what they had done. I had witnessed the rich and poor lending a helping hand. ▓One night in Chengdu, I went to Tianfu Squ▓

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are to look for a place to stay as the l▓ocal seismological bureau said there could be severe aftershocks for the next two days. By 12 pm the dimly lit square had been turned into a camp▓ing ground. I talked to some

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people who were still▓ awake about the forecast of more aftershocks. I came across▓ one young man sleeping on a piece of cardboard who to▓ld me he had not heard of the forecast. "Th▓en why you are sleeping here at the square?" I as▓ked. The man was rather embarrassed and told me he ▓was a volunteer from Shandong province, and had spe▓nt many nights at squares and school playgr

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ounds. He had ▓no tent, sleeping bag or inflatable mattress. His shoes were falling apart. All he had was a backpack containing▓ bottles of water and some biscuits, which allowed him "not to become a burden to others". He poli▓tely declined to give